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He was the mutant's boy
Preaching to the upper classes
A messiah of the clock face
One dead eye each cheek
They found him at night
A broken heart on the kitchen floor
Self-same fists full of cold prose
And a head full of ideas that were never his.
The lie is that adding windows changes the view.
:iconmoonsloth:moonsloth 1 19
You say things that scare me
I don't remember you mentioning the dog
:iconmoonsloth:moonsloth 4 24
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Precious Little
when i ponder
and faeries
and all of life's beautiful things; in all their timelessness
i also think;
about you;
and what precious, little
we have left
:iconmoonsloth:moonsloth 2 7
You compared it to walking in bare feet through a graveyard,
or trying to find a shard of ice in a box of broken glass,
when pain is not a distinguishing feature of anything -
you just have to feel the blood get colder.
So I laughed, and watched the dribble come down my finger,
the droplets pooling strangely, upside down puddles, on my finger-tips, 
freezing like tiny algal blooms on the surface of my flaking skin.
Or so I imagined. 
You were cold as a child, and you never really got over it.
You decided to buy a coat in the autumn, 
but you forgot, and forgot, until all the saturdays were gone, and it was too late.
You slowly became more and more bruised that winter.
I wanted to kiss you, then,
but your skin was liquid,
and my mouth always came away coated in a little too much blood,
so you were content with just holding onto me, coughing your life into the fabric of my clothes.
I sometimes realised, just for a second, that I was the one who would bleed out.
It was like
:iconmoonsloth:moonsloth 0 21
You stepped very softly.
It seemed rather impossible, by my eyes,
to hide a single cadence, or a pinch of opium, between the softly feathered pages, so continuous
tears fall like meaningless prose from the pages, dripping into the endless deluge to be lost,
while billions of other things happen in billions of other places.
The book told us we'd been wandering too long,
although no-one believed it.  The book said we'd be born again, in some other place.  And people were divided.
And maintaining an image is just hard, so you decide to fluctuate, and then change your mind.
Just to keep in spirit, but you couldn't be sure.  Leaving every room to shouts of abstract questions that slipped into the parallel.
They mostly just belonged to me, and the tiny things that walked around, and around, and around,
inside my head.
And I could try and kiss you,
but the Oesophagus that vanishes on the wall
knows you, and you are probably elsewhere.
Staggering punch-drunk through the city str
:iconmoonsloth:moonsloth 1 55
My life or Nothing
My life is like a sentence, but all the words are disappearing,
so all I am left with is nothing.
My life is like a sentence,                                                      
    all I am left with; is nothing.
My life                              
                               is nothing.
:iconmoonsloth:moonsloth 2 18
Please stop thinking.


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I really like you
*Proud member of the Lesbian Poetry club for angry Perfect people
I'm kind of counting on there being no afterlife


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